1 Year Bible Study; Notes from Week 1 Day 4

Chapters covered: Genesis 6-7

  • Genesis 6:6; So the LORD was sorry He had ever made them and put them on the Earth. It broke His heart. – This is also a powerful verse. Can you imagine a world so full of sin and evil that God, as loving as He is, regretted the creation of humanity? He regretted creating His children because they disobeyed Him so. Thankfully, God promised never to wipe out the human race again, and for that, I thank Him very much.
  • Genesis 6:11-21; — Can you imagine the look on anyone else’s face if God came to you and asked of you what He asked of Noah? I think a lot of us would have to step away from God for a moment, to really absorb what had just happened and think it over. But, not Noah. He did everything God had told him.